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Temperature Detecting Kiosk units provide proactive protection for your business against the spread of Covid-19. Detection units are easily installed at building entrances to reduce the risk of symptomatic individuals entering the premises. Each device takes roughly 20+ minutes to assemble and install. A simple plug-n-play temperature detecting kiosk.


It can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and allow or deny entry access. For schools, factories, warehouses, office buildings, salons, restaurants, churches, etc. 

IMPORTANT: This product is in stock at our Florida warehouse, orders usually ship on the same day they are placed, or on the next business day.

How does a Temperature Screening Kiosk work:

This access control system can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and based on preset rules allow or deny entry access, by activating automatic doors or turnstiles, among other peripherals. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms, which can be customized.

What is included?

It features a Belgian built Melexis sensor, a world leader in thermal components. The Temperature Screening Kiosk has two 2 megapixel lens cameras, which can distinguish between a real person and a picture to avoid photo spoofing. It can be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to a PC for real-time remote video streaming, monitoring and operation.

Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner

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